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“They fit into our little family.”
-Deneen Marsolo, LRG Corporation

For nearly 20 years, Deneen Marsolo and LRG Corporation have been doing business with McDowell Insurance. It all began as a simple need for better coverage…

“We were a growing company, and we needed something that fit us while we were growing.

Thanks to its impressive suite of services and longstanding expertise, McDowell was ready to jump in and make an immediate difference.

Now, some 20 years later, McDowell is still stepping up and delivering on behalf of Deneen and LRG.

“Simply put, McDowell helps us grow.”

And that’s the McDowell difference: incredible service and a suite of tools that can help any business or individual plan for the future, and protect it along the way. It worked for Deneen and LRG. Could it work for you too?

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