Building and Protecting
What Matters Most.

We’ve been looking out for the businesses and families of Western
Pennsylvania for over 100 years. Now, with wealth management
and virtual service options, we’re ready to do even more.


To make sure you
achieve what you
want most.


So what’s yours, stays
yours, no matter what
comes your way.


It’s simple. We exist for you. From car insurance

to managing your IRA, we put customer service

at the center of all we do.

What to insure

Maybe it’s your car or house or the business you’ve worked hard to build. Whatever it is that you need insured, we’ve been working to keep people just like you, and the things that matter most to them, safe for over a 100 years.

Compare carrier policies

Good news: There’s lots of options out there.
Bad news: There’s lots of options out there.
When you’re not sure where to go and you need someone to show you the way, McDowell knows the road.

Wealth Management

You should never be scared to lose what you have. Now, with Financial Planning Services from McDowell, the future isn’t just safe, it can also be a little brighter. Find out how you can build the future you want today!


To build and protect what matters most.

Coverage for all you have

You rely on the things in your life to keep you warm and dry, get you from point A to point B, and help provide for those you care about. But all of these things are susceptible to all of life’s ups and downs too. Whether it’s a flat tire or a leaky roof, life just happens sometimes. For all the moments that life happens, in your home, car, or business, there’s McDowell. With over a 100 years of experience caring for people, we’ve made it our business to help protect the things that protect you.

Recent news

April 30, 2021


To become an RIA you need many things, not the least of which are determination, patience, and a high pain threshold. Very few RIAs get off the ground seamlessly. In fact, most have to endure some fairly intense growing pains on their way to success… Read More

April 29, 2021


When Garfield McDowell opened his insurance and real estate business back in 1900, it’s safe to assume he didn’t know that it would still be around over 120 years later. That business, which has steadily grown over the decades, still lives in the same place it always has – a small town tucked into Pennsylvania’s Southwest corner, just a short car ride from Pittsburgh… Read More

April 29, 2021

There’s An Umbrella For That!

The world of insurance can be a downright pessimistic place. So much doom and gloom, so much “worst-case-scenario” thinking. So many rainy days. We like to say, “When it’s always pouring, it’s best to have an umbrella in hand.” That’s a little insurance joke for you. You’re welcome… Read More

April 29, 2021


Being from an area with a lot of small businesses, we at McDowell have been privileged to watch so many business owners make a go of it. Of course, this close-up view has also helped lend some perspective… Read More

Planning and
Protection Tools

A free resource that can help you plan for a better future, and protect all its worth as well.


Know the coverages that are best and some
you might be missing out on.

Wealth management

Some tips to set you on the right path and keep
you moving financially forward.

Our Partners

A business partner is a
commercial entity with which
another commercial entity has
some form of alliance.

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